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Fall Sewing Plans and Processes

Okay, I’ve got to admit that this post is a bit of a lie because we don’t get a traditional “Fall” here in Texas.  It’s more like “that hot season before it gets kind of chilly for two weeks.” However, the second September hits, I break out the boots and sweaters because I love fall clothing and I don’t care about the funny looks.

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Sewing Plans

Summer Sewing Round-Up

And just like that, summer is over! I guess there’s technically a couple more weeks of summer, but I’m dreaming of fall over here.  I talked about my lofty summer sewing goals here, and I’m back today to share everything I’ve made since! In the past, I have tried doing monthly sewing goals, but it never really worked out all that well.  However, creating a flexible list that spanned a few months worked out pretty well! With the exception of a few items, I crossed off a good chunk of my list for the summer. This is a pretty lengthy post, but I’m going to try to keep it as short as possible!

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Sewing Plans

Summer Sewing Plans

I’ve been hard at work sewing up various items for my summer wardrobe, as well as some adorable baby shower gifts for friends.  There are a couple finished items, one of which I’ve already finished the blog post and just need to take pictures even though I’ve worn it tons since finishing it (I’m looking at you, Kalle Shirtdress).  However, since I haven’t done a sewing plans post in a while, I figured I’d share what I have on my To-Sew list for the summer until I get around to taking pictures of my recent makes!

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January Sewing Recap

Flexibility and adaptability have been key words for me this month…mainly because of my indecisiveness and trying to get a ton of projects crammed in before we see family.  At first it seemed like this month was just dragging, but just like that it’s now February.  That means a few most of my January goals were not met.  I think I overestimate how much sewing time I’ll actually be able to have.   However, I’m happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish this month and I’m already excited about sharing a couple things with you next month!

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Sewing Plans

January Progress + Sewing Plans

Does anyone else feel like January should almost be over even though it’s barely the second week of 2017?  No, just me?

I think I’ve overwhelmed myself with my 2017 sewing plans and thinking I need to get them all done RIGHT. NOW. instead of throughout the course of the year.  I’m reminding myself that’s not the case and that I can accomplish things a little bit at a time.  We have a trip to North Carolina planned in February to see some family and celebrate a belated Christmas, so I’m trying to finish up a few items before we go (for myself and a couple items for them).

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