Coram Dress with Indiesew

Coram Dress with Indiesew

I finally feel like I’m getting into a good groove with choosing patterns that are versatile for me from work to weekend wear and it’s no different with the Coram Dress by Allie Olson of Indiesew. As with her other two patterns, Allie really nailed it with this top/dress pattern between the simple silhouettes and the opportunity to practice valuable sewing techniques. Continue reading “Coram Dress with Indiesew”


Named | Tuuli Dress

Named | Tuuli Dress

The Named Tuuli dress caught my eye when it released in 2016. I loved the fitted bodice paired with the pleated skirt, so it was added to my sewing list right away. However, I’m just now getting around to sewing it up! That seems to be the case for a lot of my sewing plans: add it to the list, sew it (at least) a year later.  At least it’s getting sewn now, right?

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Chalk and Notch | Fringe Pattern Testing

Hello! I haven’t blogged as much as I would have liked this summer, but I’m so thrilled be sharing the latest Chalk and Notch pattern with you today. This pattern is effortless, chic and comfortable; all things you want in a sewing pattern, right? Gabriela has knocked it out of the park once again with the Fringe Top and Dress!

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Closet Case Patterns | Kalle Shirtdress

I talked a couple weeks ago about how I used to avoid wrap dresses when I shared my Highlands Wrap Dress.  That’s also how I’ve felt about shirtdresses for a long time. Years, really.  When the Kalle Shirt+Shirtdress was released, I initially ignored it if only because of my previous thoughts on shirtdresses for myself.  However, I continued to see some gorgeous versions and decided to take a leap and try it.  It had worked for me on my last few projects, so why not?

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Allie Olson | Highlands Wrap Dress

Confession: I’ve pretty much hated wrap dresses up until recently. I can’t give you a decent reason as to why I had such disdain for them, I just did. So whenever I saw them in the store, I immediately walked passed and never gave a second thought to them.  However, all of my previous notions regarding wrap dresses vanished when Allie Olson released her latest pattern, the Highlands Wrap Dress.  Why have I been avoiding wrap dresses for so long? They’re so flattering and comfy!  More proof that sewing helps you leave your comfort zone and try new styles…and sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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