Style Maker Fabrics Spring Style Tour 2021

For the longest time I’d say Fall was my favorite season, mainly because of the clothes – I love wearing jeans, boots and sweaters 🤷🏻‍♀️ but this year I’ve realized just how much I love Spring – the freshness, newness, blooming flowers, the still cooler weather. Granted, we get very little traditional Fall and Spring weather here in Texas, but I’ll take what I can get! I say that, but then it was about 55 degrees when we took these pictures, so it was chilllyyyyy.

When Michelle invited me to be part of the Spring Style Tour I was elated! I’ve enjoyed the Spring/Fall tours in years past and I’m thankful to now have been part of one! There are so many gorgeous fabrics to consider for your Spring sewing plans. As I was trying to decide on a fabric, I kept being drawn to the Rayon Crepes. I couldn’t shake the idea of a flowy, floral skirt – the ultimate Spring piece of clothing. I finally narrowed it down to this coral and a blue rayon crepe. I chose the coral because while it’s definitely a color I’d wear, it’s more out of my comfort zone when it comes to the color of fabric I generally pick for myself when sewing. 

With my fabric picked, I began searching high and low for a pattern that matched the image I had in my head and stumbled upon the Style Arc Ariel pattern. It was the perfect choice. However, I had never sewn a SA pattern before and the idea that I’d have to pick one size really stressed me out  (on some of their other patterns they’ve started offering the full size range to purchase, just not this one). They do send smaller and larger version to the size you pick, which helps alleviate some of that stress. But to be honest, I tried searching for any other indie pattern that had a similar silhouette – that’s how stressed I was about picking the wrong size. However, nothing else came close to what I was looking for, so then came the studying of the size chart. Some of the reviews for this skirt mentioned it being a tight fit over people’s hips even with the elasticated back. Both my waist and hip measurements put me in a size 12, so that’s what I went with. 

Yall, when it came to sewing with the fabric…I was so pleased! The fabric itself has a beautiful drape and a great weight to it – it’s lightweight and airy, but it’s also opaque – meaning it’s the perfect fabric for the increasingly warmer weather! PLUS I did not add a lining to the skirt – huge win in my book! I’ve always associated rayon crepe to be incredibly shifty and difficult to work with, but this was not. Sewing the skirt went well especially considering there were only seven steps provided in the instructions! Some frustration set in when it came to the waistband, though. I cut the elastic according to the chart and even tried on the waistband with the elastic inserted and thought that it fit well, but when it was attached to the skirt it was way too big. 

One of the most helpful things for me in these kinds of situations is to take a step back for a period of time. I slept on it and came back to the skirt the next day with a new plan of action. The construction of the waistband – particularly the portion with the elastic – was not my favorite. The pattern instructs you to insert the elastic into the waistband, then attach the waistband to the skirt. I found that the final result looked a bit sloppy. This easily was an issue with myself rather than the pattern. However, I decided to attach the waistband in a way that made more sense to me and I knew I’d get a cleaner result. 

I simply attached the waistband to the skirt, then fed the elastic into the attached waistband piece. After doing this I realized that the way I ended up doing this was similar (maybe the same?) to the construction of the Made by Rae Cleo Skirt. I’ve made a couple of these, which is probably why I thought of this method. I also cut about 2.5 inches off of the elastic piece. These changes made for a well fitting skirt that I feel confident in!

The white shirt is a Stellan Tee by French Navy (it’s a free pattern!) using the Mid Weight Cotton Jersey. Michelle suggested the Vanilla color to soften the look and I love the two pieces together! This was my first time sewing this pattern as well. While my measurements put me between a S-L, I actually sewed a size XS based off of the finished measurements. I wanted this tee to be more fitted and for the purpose of wearing it with skirts/culottes.

Pair both pieces with some white sneakers and you have the perfect casual spring outfit. I keep dreaming up all the opportunities where I want to wear this outfit – brunch, vacation, date night..the list goes on an on!

If you’ve missed the previous posts, click the image below and it’ll take you to the landing page for all the posts for the Spring Style Tour!

This post was written as part of the Style Maker Fabrics Spring Style Tour 2021 and I was kindly provided the fabric  for the Ariel Skirt and Stellan Tee free of charge.  However, all opinions are my own. 

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