Tillery Skirt +Houston Flower Vault

It has been suuuuper quiet on the Lara Handmade Blog lately, and semi-intentionally so.  I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to proceed with this space. So far, I think that means fewer blog posts and pattern testing. Trying to have a truly realistic sewing plan rather than a “realistic” sewing plan is also part of my goals for this year.  I’m trying to sew through my stash and only buying fabric if I have a specific project in mind. I guess you can say I’m focusing on being more intentional with my sewing?

Actually, I think it’s mainly me trying to take the stress out of it. Stress that I always put on myself to crank out another project, have a new picture on the Instagram grid every week, have a new blog post at least twice a month.  Just typing that sentence made me super panicky. No, thank you. I’d love to get back to that spot where I can consistently post, but that’s simply not where I’m at at this point and that’s okay!

Honestly, I’ve had these pictures since November and they’ve just been sitting in a blank blog post since. I decided that since the Flower Vault recently announced they’d be returning to Houston this Spring it would be a good opportunity to talk about how fun of an experience it was! This is NOT sponsored by the Flower Vault in any way. We simply had a great experience and I want to share it!

Onto the project…I’ve had the Tillery Skirt on my to-make list since 2017. I was going to make it for my Christmas outfit (I had the fabric and everything), but it was quickly removed when I found out I was pregnant and form fitting skirts was low on my to-sew list. So I decided last fall that I was finally going to make it!

Aside from a free pajama short tutorial I used when I first started sewing, this was my first time using a Blank Slate pattern. The instructions do not have the same level of hand-holding (that I usually love) as other indie pattern designers, but they are still very easy to follow. This skirt is also a simple skirt to sew up so I think any more detailed instructions would have been a bit superfluous.

My biggest piece of advice when sewing this skirt is to double check that you’ve marked all of the notches! I may or may not have sewn a piece or two on backwards because I didn’t pay attention to the notches. Don’t be like me.


I sewed up a size 8 using this beautiful micro-wale that I got from Stylemaker Fabrics last year and they still have it in stock! The pattern calls for sewing everything with flat-felled seam, but I chose to forego that and simply serge the seams and top-stitch for time sake. I used these snaps from Pacific Trimming.  A huge thanks to Nick for inserting all of the snaps for me the MORNING we were going to take pictures of it at the Flower Vault. I know he was super worried about messing up my skirt, mainly because of the time crunch I put him under, but he did a great job.

The only thing I wish I had done differently is to shorten the skirt an inch or so. This style definitely lends itself to being a tad shorter. However, with the length it currently is at I can wear it to work so I doubt I’ll alter it.

The Flower Vault is a flower-themed, Instagrammable venue that has five rooms that are decorated to provide a great backdrop for anything from Instagram content to Christmas cards to announcements to pictures just for fun. They have two locations: one San Antonio and one in Houston. When I found out about it last fall (which was towards the end of their first run), I knew it would be the perfect place to get pictures of one of my handmade outfits and to get some precious keep-sake pictures of Reagan and her Nana (Nick’s mom).

It worked out that I had also finished a top for Reagan so I was able to get some precious pictures of her also wearing Lara Handmade!



Basically, how it works is you sign up for an one-hour time slot and you get to go through each of the rooms as many times as you want, taking as many pictures as you want within that hour. Some of the rooms are also interactive like the camouflage flower room and the marigold room!  They also have a bathroom/changing room for any wardrobe changes.

Nick and I took a Friday off, so we went in the morning and we were only there with a few other people at the beginning of our hour.  We had the place to ourselves the second half so we could easily bounce from room to room without having to wait. I think it was the perfect time to go.

The entire concept is such a great idea. I’m hoping we can make it back there to get more pictures…not just for the blog but just to have pretty pictures of Reagan a little older and ones that we can hang around the house!  Some of my favorite pictures of her were taken here, so I love the fact that they’re going to have another installation of it.












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