Cleo Skirt + Nikko Top with Indiesew

Around this time every year I begin willing the weather to be cooler by bringing out my warmer clothes and wearing them regardless of how ridiculous I might look. That usually means jeans, booties and a lightweight sweater. However, I think I found my new go-to fall outfit, the Cleo Skirt and Nikko Top. What makes it even better is that these are two simple and fairly quick sews!


First up: the Nikko Top by True Bias! I sewed up View B, the top length with long sleeves, using this super soft rib knit from Blackbird Fabrics.  To be honest, I stressed out a bit when deciding on what size to make.  My current size put me between a 6-10 depending upon the measurement. Then from the finished garment measurements I was afraid of top constantly riding up if I sewed up a straight size 6 or that the top would be way too big if I sewed up a straight size 10. Rather than blending sizes, I settled on a size 8 (with no modifications), and looking back on it I definitely could have sewed a size 6. You might be thinking that I stressed out way too much about what size to sew and you’d be absolutely right. ha!

Just typing that makes me feel ridiculous for stressing out so much and even more so considering it’s a knit garment! Sometimes I focus so much on having the perfect project that I don’t follow my gut and enjoy the process.


Despite my stressing, sewing up the top is incredibly quick especially if you’re using a serger. For me, that’s completing the top in a little over an hour.  True Bias patterns are some of the best when it comes to illustrations and the sewing tutorial. They’re clear and concise making the instructions very easy to follow!

I love the mock turtleneck. You have the look and shape of the turtleneck without the bulk or constricting nature of a real turtleneck. I don’t feel the constant need to tug on the neckline.


The simple silhouette of the Nikko Top pairs wonderfully with the Cleo Skirt!  The Cleo Skirt by Made by Rae has been one of my favorite garments this summer. Twice a year Indiesew has a charity auction where they sell some of their sample pieces and donate 75% of the proceeds to a local charity.  I immediately put a bid on the Cleo Skirt because I regretted not purchasing some of the fabric it was sewn in and I had been wanting to sew the Cleo Skirt.


The Cleo Skirt was great for me those last couple months of my pregnancy and has been even better postpartum. Since I won the auction for the Indiesew sample, I knew just what size to make for my first sewn-by-me one. I sewed up a small in view B, the midi length, using the same crepe fabric Tori of The Doing Things Blog used for her gorgeous Highlands Wrap Dress last year. I commented on how much I loved the fabric she used and she graciously went back to Fabrix and picked some up for me! How sweet is that?! The sewing community is truly that kind!

The skirt features a flat front gathered waistband and a elastic back waistband (my favorite part). This means a non-restrictive skirt that is comfortable to wear all day. While sewing this up takes a little longer than the Nikko Top, it really comes together quickly.

Following this skirt, I immediately sewed up a second version using the same fun Liberty fabric Rae used for one of her samples. I also have the fabric washed and ready to make a second Nikko Top. I fully intend on having Cleo Skirts for year-round wear and with the tank option, I easily see myself doing that with the Nikko top as well!

I found and talked about my go-to t-shirt pattern in my last Indiesew post and it’s safe to say that this will be my go-to skirt pattern. Finding pieces like this give me such a sense of accomplishment as I’m growing my handmade wardrobe.  They’re the pieces I end up constantly reaching for and helping me slowly eliminate the RTW ones.


This post was written as part of the Indiesew Blogger Team and I was provided both the Nikko Top and Cleo Skirt free of charge.  However, all opinions are my own. 

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