Make + Replace* | Ebony Tee Edition

When I did my first Make+Replace post I had zero intentions of waiting over a year to do my second one (see my first one, here).  I suppose these posts just don’t come around that often unless it strikes me that I’m going to be making something very similar to something that’s already in my wardrobe.  Make+Replace involves taking the newly handmade item and replacing the similar RTW item.  And by replace, I typically mean completely remove from my wardrobe and donate it so there are no temptations to bring it back into rotation.

For this Make+Replace post, I used the Closet Case Patterns Ebony Tee to remake one of my favorite RTW style dresses, the Old Navy swing dress.  These are typically made out of the most comfy knit fabrics and are perfect for summer.  I have two of these, a plain black and a white with black stripe.  My beef is mainly with the white with black stripe because the fabric is thin and not 100% opaque.


I received some of this beautiful rayon/lycra jersey fabric from Style Maker Fabrics for Christmas and it was begging to become an Ebony dress! It’s incredibly drapey, and opaque making it the perfect pairing for this dress.  I sewed up View A (with short sleeves) in a size four and added 1.5″ to the length.  This was a super quick sew with the majority of it easily sewn on the serger.  The most time consuming part was the hem.


Next time, I’ll sew a size 2 and potentially only add 3/4″ to 1″ in length. I think with such a heavy fabric it would have been better suited to be shorter.  Maybe I’ll go back and shorten it a bit, but probably not because I’m lazy.  However, since I did sew a size too big, it’s a bit tent-like…which is great for maternity wear because it’s not constricting in the least!



So, you may have noticed the asterisk after “Replace.” I’m going to be making an exception for this M+R because I truly think I will get a lot more wear out of the RTW dress if I chop off a good portion of it and make it into a top.  Yes, I just went on a rant about what the Make+Replace posts are supposed to be, but thankfully I can change the rules on them 😉 I’m going to give myself a couple months to get the refashion done, and then another several months after that to see if it makes it back into regular rotation.  If not, then into the donation pile it goes!

My goal is to do at least a couple Make+Replace posts a year to help push me towards a more handmade wardrobe.  I do already have my next one planned using the Joy Jacket that I’m hoping to debut next month!

Photography: Front Paige Photography


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