Hadley Top with Harts Fabrics

I’m excited to be sharing my next make with you, the Hadley top by Grainline Studios. Harts Fabrics was so kind to provide the pattern and fabric for this post and I think they’re the perfect match!


This was my second Grainline pattern and first Indie paper pattern to try. I’m usually a PDF pattern person all the way, but there were a couple aspects of the paper pattern I really enjoyed.  First, being able to immediately get started on the project without having to cut down and tape together the pattern was pretty convenient.  Secondly, not having to constantly look at my computer for the directions was a nice break.  Yes, I could just print out the instructions for my PDF patterns, but I’m running low on ink 98% of the time, so I just never consider it.  The most difficult part was trying to trace my size from the tissue since I don’t have the option of printing a new size.  Overall, I did enjoy using the pattern and won’t avoid them like I used to.


On to the garment itself! I used a fun rayon print that is sadly sold out. It was the perfect weight for this flowy top and easy to sew with. Dana sent extra yardage, so I was able to block fuse the necessary interfaced pieces so I didn’t have to worry about the pieces shifting out of shape before applying the interfacing.  I sewed up View A in a size four with the only adjustment I made was to add 1/2″ to the length of the bodice.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow.  The neckline, sleeve hems and bodice hem are all finished with facings, which I much prefer to simply turning up and hemming. I find it to be a much cleaner finish and easier (for me) to do.  There’s a small bit of hand sewing involved in the top for the hook and eye. Typically, I stay away from any and all hand sewing, which would have meant that I would have omitted the hook and eye that’s on the back of the top.  However, I had some hook and eyes on hand for some unknown reason (I don’t even remember why or when I purchased them) so I decided I needed to utilize the notions I had. I will not be winning any prizes for my hook and eye installation because I suck at hand sewing, but it is functional!


My ideal styling for this top would be with some high-waisted jeans, think Gingers or Birkins. Overall, I’m really happy with how this top turned out and I plan on making many more because I can forsee the Hadley easily holding a large place in my handmade wardrobe!

There are a few changes I’m considering making on any future Hadleys:

  • Add an additional 1″-1.5″ to the length. I’m so glad I added even the 1/2″ this time, and maybe that would have sufficed for me if I didn’t have a baby bump, but I generally prefer longer tops.
  • Add about 1/2″ to the sleeve length
  • Sew the entirety of the back bodice.  The neckline is wide enough where you don’t need the hook and eye (unless you want it, of course).


This post was kindly sponsored by Harts Fabric, however, all opinions are my own. 

H/T to Front Paige Photography


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