True Bias | Colfax Dress

For my birthday this year I decided to take a day off work and spend the day sewing.  It was such a great decision and one I think I’m going to turn into a tradition.  This day of sewing allowed me to finally cross off one of my 2017 Make Nine patterns: the Colfax Dress!   This is not a dress I would typically pick up in a store, primarily because I tend to stay away from sleeveless pieces.  However, I have been drawn to this pattern ever since it released and used the 2017MakeNine as the push to jump out of my comfort zone.  I’m so glad I did.

I was pretty nervous when I started the dress, but I used the super helpful sewalong on the True Bias website.  I think what made me a bit nervous was the fact that the bias bindings are on the outside of the garment, which means they need to look spot on. Truth be told, I can be a bit careless when cutting bindings because they’re typically going to be hidden (laziness at its finest), but I took extra care to cut them to make sure each piece folded properly so nothing turned out looking wonky.  It was so worth it and something I need to continue doing.  Since I decided not to add the pockets, the sides were finished with French seams resulting in such a clean finish on the inside.

As I was finishing the hem, I thought how this dress went together so easily.  I was actually shocked. So unlike most of my posts, I don’t have any big mistakes to share and I can’t say I’m disappointed by that fact.



I sewed up a size 4 and the only adjustment I made was to add 1.5″ to the length.  The fabric I used is a bit heavier than I think what was intended for this pattern. It’s a simple cotton blend that I bought when we were in Dallas last year and I thought the Colfax would be the perfect dress for such a large print.

For my next version, I plan on using some Cotton+Steel Les Fleurs since it’ll have the drape that is intended for this dress. I’ll also make it 2″-2.5″ longer rather than the 1.5″ I used on this one.


Now that I have one of my 2017 Make Nine patterns crossed off it has helped get the ball rolling on the next eight.  I am essentially done with my Lonetree Vest;  I just need to take pictures of it.  I’m also about halfway done with Nick’s Fairfield Button Up.  Both of these should be done and on the blog in April/May!

Are you participating in 2017 Make Nine?  If so, have you checked any off of your list yet?








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