Megan Nielsen | Dove Blouse

To say I like this blouse is a complete understatement.  This is my fourth Dove blouse and I have every intention on making more.  I decided that it needed its own blog post considering it’s beginning to have a sizable place in my closet.

It’s such a flattering top between the high-low hem, the French darts and the v-neck.  You can check out my first three versions here, here and here. For this version, I sewed Version 2 with flared sleeves with some rayon fabric I picked up from Joann a few months ago.  I love the retro feel that the flared sleeves paired with the floral fabric gives.


Since this is airy and loose-fitting,  I sewed up an XS even though my waist put me between a XS/S and my hips put me at a small.  The top has a center seam, which is a great design feature.  However, I omitted it partially because the print is so busy and partially because it was off-center on my first version and just haven’t tried again.



I finished the top using French seams which gives the top a nice, clean finish paired with the neckline and hem facings.  If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you may be wondering if anything went wrong as I was making this top.  The answer to that is, yes, something did go wrong.  As I was cutting down the seam allowance on the sleeves I cut a nice hole in the bodice.  Cue minor major freak out.  Once I calmed down, I decided to patch the hole from the inside of the top with some fabric glue because the hole is really in a spot where no one will notice it unless they get too close.  This may not be a permanent solution, but it’ll do for a while.

Lesson learned: cut sloooowly around the arms and make sure no fabric is in the way.


As I said earlier, I have every intention on making more Dove blouses.  The outfit I have pictured is an ivory Dove blouse with bell sleeves (Version 3 of the pattern) with some Birkin flares.  Hopefully that outfit will work out as well as I have envisioned it.  That means I need to actually work on sewing up some jeans, though (maybe next month!).

Also, at some point I’d like to try to make a Dove dress using the tutorial on Megan’s Design Diary.  There are so many options with this pattern to easily dress the top up or down based on fabric choices and sleeve lengths.  I cannot recommend this pattern enough!


I’m linking up with Allie J.’s Social Sew! March’s theme is Anything Goes.  Click the picture to check out what other sewists are creating this month!






4 thoughts on “Megan Nielsen | Dove Blouse

  1. This is at the copyshop getting printed now – can’t wait to sew it up! Thanks for the tip on the center seam – I will most likely omit that as well. Yours looks so so cute!

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