Make + Replace | Primrose Peplum Edition

I decided one blog post gushing over the Primrose Peplum was not enough, so I’m back to talk about my next version!  As I was making this, I knew I had a RTW top that was almost the exact color and sleeve length.  I decided that once I finished the peplum  I would donate the RTW top and replace it with my newest make (hence, Make + Replace).

While the RTW top is not the same bodice style, it is an article of clothing that I don’t wear all that often as is and since I tend to draw towards my handmade clothing whenever possible I knew it wasn’t going to be that difficult to part with the RTW.  I’m one of those people who has so too many clothes, but I only rotate out my favorites and, yet, I cannot part ways with the neglected pieces.  So this is really a good idea for myself to implement.


For this Primrose I sewed a size small for the bodice, a medium for the skirt and went with the 3/4 length cuffed sleeves using some fabric from High Fashion Fabrics, here in Houston.  I was sewing this one up so quickly in comparison to my pre-test version and the one I shared with you on Monday and thinking how impressed I was with myself for barely getting distracted while making this top until I went to finish the hem.  The skirt was upside down. Insert massive face palm for how careless of a mistake I made and thinking I should just make this blog about all of my stupid sewing mistakes because that’s what it seems to be turning into (Pinterest fails, anyone?).  Had this fabric not been directional, it wouldn’t have been an issue.  I really considered just leaving it as a “design feature,” but after 10 seconds of that thought I realized that would not work for this top and it was just my laziness talking. So, I begrudgingly began seam-ripping, but in the end I’m happy I went back and fixed the skirt.

Lesson learned: don’t get cocky about finishing a top sooo fast because it’ll probably just turn into my next “Things I’m Learning..” post.


I wore this outfit for a work function earlier this week since it was easily business appropriate, yet still comfortable.  It is definitely going to be on regular rotation for my work wardrobe!

Don’t forget that the Primrose Peplum is on sale through this Sunday, February 19; no code necessary!


Side note: Houston has some pretty great wall murals so we decided to take advantage of it! This is just a tiny piece of the wall.  It was taken at 2101 Winter Street and it stretches across the entire length of the building! 

I’m hoping to work on upping the ante and Make+Replace some of my go-to RTW pieces in my closet because my goal, after all, is to have a mostly handmade wardrobe.

Do you ever Make + Replace pieces in your closet?


photography: Paige Norrholm

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