January Sewing Recap

Flexibility and adaptability have been key words for me this month…mainly because of my indecisiveness and trying to get a ton of projects crammed in before we see family.  At first it seemed like this month was just dragging, but just like that it’s now February.  That means a few most of my January goals were not met.  I think I overestimate how much sewing time I’ll actually be able to have.   However, I’m happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish this month and I’m already excited about sharing a couple things with you next month!

The first thing I finished was my Gable Top from my December Sewing Plans.  I went with a size 10 hoping that it wouldn’t be as fitted, but I think maybe I should have just gone with my measurements.  This isn’t my absolute favorite top, but I’m still pleased with it. Although, the more I’ve been wearing it, the more I’ve been liking it.


Up next is my second Toaster Sweater #2 made with some incredibly cozy french terry from Indiesew. This fabric was made to be a Toaster Sweater. And the color.  I kept telling Nick how this is literally the perfect gray. I know he thought I was weird for saying that, but I don’t care because it’s true.



For this version I added a total of 4″ to the front and back bodice and 1″ to the sleeves.  I only added 2″ for my first toaster sweater and I thought it was too short for me.  Adding the additional two inches was definitely the way to go.  And I’m still obsessed with the mitered corners.  Without completely gushing over this top, I’ll just say it is definitely one of my favorite makes.


I successfully finished the nephew’s vest and oh my goodness it’s so stinking adorable.  Sewing things for him is so fun.  I used the same fabric as my latest Cheyenne and lined it with this faux sherpa from Fabric.com.

I used See Kate Sew’s Aztec Hooded Vest pattern.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Since my last attempt at lining something did not go completely as planned I was a little weary at how this would turn out.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that everything looked normal when I turned the vest right side out! And those open welt pockets? Adorable!  I can’t wait to get a picture of him wearing it.

For my sister in law, I made her a Dove Blouse, Version 1.  This was the fabric that I bought after I was assured that it wasn’t going to be sheer, but it was.  I ended up trying to underline it, but this was the shifty-est (new word) fabric I have ever used.  This may be dramatic, but it almost broke me.  I had purchased some backup fabric, but I convinced myself that I’d be able to successfully use the horrid fabric.  Boy was I wrong.  While I see most of my mistakes in the garments I make, my mistakes SCREAM at me in this top.

Looking back, I should not have done french seams because it just became way too bulky around, especially around the arms.  I let the shirt hang on the dress form for a good day and a half and that seemed to help calm things down.  I still plan on her making another out of less moody fabric, though.

Lastly, I made myself a fringed blanket scarf.  This was one of those things that I thought would take me a few hours, but somehow I managed to drag it out over the course of a few nights.  It was a nice change, though, because it was a project that I was able to work on while Nick and I were watching TV at night.  I used this fabric (I think) from Joann and it is so so soft.  It’s the perfect travel accessory.


While not all of my goals were met, I have a couple new me-made tops and I also had a fun opportunity that I’ll tell you about within the next couple weeks!





2 thoughts on “January Sewing Recap

  1. So many great makes! That vest is adorable!! Also, shifty-est is totally a word – sometimes it’s the best way to describe those badly behaved fabrics!

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