Things I’m Learning That May Be Blatantly Obvious to Everyone Else

Yes, it’s a long title. I deem it necessary, though.  Maybe it’s because I’m naive and I’m still learning so much about sewing or maybe it’s because I’m just out right ignoring the obvious, and if I’m being honest it’s probably the latter.  My habits as of late when it comes to sewing is just to forge ahead and hope for the best.  However, after a few recent purchasing snafus I have become determined to prevent these missteps in the future.  That brings me to this blog post.  It’s primarily for me to use as a tool to remind Future Lara not to be stupid and make these mistakes again, but hopefully this helps others too.  🙃

Things I’m learning that may be blatantly obvious to everyone else:

  • Pay attention to the fabric weight specified – like when you buy a stretch denim that ends up being comparable to a lightweight shirting fabric and you bought because you just liked the color of it…
  • Pay attention to the care instructions ESPECIALLY if you’re buying fabric to make something for someone else – I don’t mind hand-washing a few articles of clothing here and there, but will the recipient mind?  I’d rather not give someone a gift that’s just going to create unwanted work.  Although, I’m tempted to just throw it in the washer/dryer and see what happens…
  • Don’t always trust what the customer service associate tells you (when buying online) – like when you ask if a fabric is sheer and they say, “No,” so you buy said fabric, but it ends up being sheer.  It may be best to have a backup plan in place.

  • Wait until your fabric arrives before trying to buy other materials in coordinating colors – it’s probably not going to work out well unless it’s a pretty basic color.
  • Go ahead and buy the color swatch card BEFORE you buy one too many zippers in the wrong color – see above
  • Stop assuming it’ll work out despite the inclination that you’re buying the wrong thing…you’re just wasting more time and more money – This goes with the previous two points
  • Stop trying to rush projects that are meant to take time…it’ll be worth it when the project is finished

While this was written in a place of slight frustration, I like and want to be transparent about how my impatience results in me making silly decisions and mistakes!  I’ve been laughing at myself the past few days thinking about how some of these things could have been prevented had I just been a bit more patient.  It’s okay that I’m not finishing some of my projects as fast as I’d like, but I’m just imposing the deadlines on myself so it’s not that big of a deal anyway.

Are there any lessons you’ve been learning recently when it comes to your sewing projects?




2 thoughts on “Things I’m Learning That May Be Blatantly Obvious to Everyone Else

  1. So many of points ring true with me, I mostly order online and rarely order a swatch then wait to buy fabric, I try to save money on postage and try and guess that things will go together (did it last night!) I have built up a stash of wrong fabric. I knew I did it but reading this has really made me think about and it’s a habit I should change.

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! It’s just so much easier to buy the fabric right away rather than taking the time to ensure it’s what you need, but I’m slowly learning faster isn’t always better!


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