January Progress + Sewing Plans

Does anyone else feel like January should almost be over even though it’s barely the second week of 2017?  No, just me?

I think I’ve overwhelmed myself with my 2017 sewing plans and thinking I need to get them all done RIGHT. NOW. instead of throughout the course of the year.  I’m reminding myself that’s not the case and that I can accomplish things a little bit at a time.  We have a trip to North Carolina planned in February to see some family and celebrate a belated Christmas, so I’m trying to finish up a few items before we go (for myself and a couple items for them).

So far, I’ve finished my first Toaster Sweater 2 (I need to get better pictures of the next one), a super cute camera strap cover for a customer, and my unfinished Gable Top from my December sewing plans.  I’m much happier about how the Gable Top turned out, but I still think I need to choose more suitable fabric if I decide to make the top again.


As for my goals for January:

  1. Lonetree Vest — This will be my first make from my #2017MakeNine!  I’ve cut out all the pattern pieces from the fabric and I’m just waiting on the zipper to arrive and I forgot that I still need to buy the snaps/eyelets. That will probably happen this week.  The cording arrived last week, but the color is wayyyy off.  I’m going to try to go by High Fashion Fabrics and see if they have any matching cording, otherwise I’m going to try to reorder it in the correct color.  If the zipper color is off, too, I’m investing in a YKK Color Card (not that it’s a huge investment) because I hate buying something not knowing if it’s going to be what I need. Maybe that means I need to stick to basic colors like navy or black so I won’t have this issue…
  2. [another] Toaster Sweater 2 —  I love my first one so much that I can’t wait to make another!  I received some of Indiesew’s french terry for Christmas, so I plan on recreating their sample Toaster.
  3. Fairfield Button-Up — My main goal  here is to get the fabric cut out and ready to start in February.  I think this is a much more realistic goal than trying to get this finished this month.
  4. Men’s Hudson Pants — I have been telling Nick for the past year that I want to make him a pair of these pants, but just never got around to it.  The goal with these is the same as above, just to get the fabric cut.
  5. Finish Ben’s and Ashley’s gifts in time.  This is actually at the top of my priorities list and I’m determined to accomplish this.


How are your January sewing plans coming along?


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2 thoughts on “January Progress + Sewing Plans

  1. I too feel like I’ve overwhelmed myself with my sewing plans for the year! I was talking to someone recently and was like I have to get at least two things done off my #2017MakeNine this month and they were like you do realize there are 12 months in a year, not 9 (or less than that!).

    I love your Toaster Sweater #2 – I finished mine last week, but regret not adding to the length!

    Have you made Hudson pants for yourself? They’re my favorite!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha yes, exactly!!

      Thanks! I’m hoping to cut out my next one this week, and I plan on adding another two inches to it (4″ total) because it’s still a bit short for me.

      I made a pair a year ago and LOVE them, but they’re Christmas-y so I feel a bit ridiculous wearing them year-round so I really need to make another pair soon!


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