2017 Sewing Goals

I hope everyone’s new year has started off on a good note! I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but what has been on my mind lately is what I want to accomplish this year with my sewing.  Up until the last half of last year I got in a rut where I’d just sew things to have more handmade items in my closet, but I’d never end up wearing them.  And now a lot of them have been given away.

Now, I whenever I pick out articles to sew I make sure they have a place in my closet.  I’m also trying to pick more patterns that challenge me and allow me to learn new techniques. I want my clothes to look professionally made so that I can move away from purchasing clothing and have a handmade wardrobe that actually gets used.

Rochelle at Lucky Lucille started #2017MakeNine in order to set sewing goals for the year.  I think it’s the perfect way to hold myself accountable for the goals I set for the year!

Here are my #2017MakeNine picks:

  1.  Colfax Dress by True Bias – I love the A-line silhouette and the options to easily dress up or dress down the finished product based on the fabric choice.  Whenever a pattern calls for bias tape, I typically just use store-bought because I’m too impatient to make my own.  This pattern will help me learn more patience and work on my bias tape-making skills.  I’d like to make Version A in a flowy rayon, which will be perfect for all summer occasions.
  2. Archer Button Up by Grainline Studios – My favorite J. Crew button up is getting a hole in it from so many washes and wears, so the Archer will be the perfect pattern to try to recreate it.  And when I say recreate, I’m going to try to find a fabric that matches the J. Crew one as much as possible.  An oversize flannel version is also on my list for fall/winter.
  3. Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Files –  This is one of three (!) CCF patterns on my list.  I’ve actually had this pattern for a while now, but I never got around to making it.  I’m determined to make it this year.  I love the polished look and how they look more put together than some old sweatpants and a t-shirt…perfect for those weekends where I don’t feel like changing out of my PJs.
  4. Chi-Town Chinos by Alina Design Co. – I’d like to make the skirt first, but I also love the shorts because they remind me of the J. Crew chino shorts of which I have about 7 pairs.  I’ve pretty much stayed away from fitted pants because of the daunting task of trying to get them to fit perfectly, but now I can’t wait to try!
  5. Clare Coat by Closet Case Files – I saw a similar coat at J. Crew Factory (by now you’re probably realizing how much I love J. Crew) about a month ago and remembered the Clare Coat.  Why buy a coat when I can learn to sew with wool and learn how to sew a coat myself?
  6. Fen Dress by Fancy Tiger Crafts – When I saw Sara’s version, I immediately fell in love with the dress and fabric.  Then the second I saw that the fabric was on sale at Indiesew, I bought enough for the dress and at least one other top.  Looking back I wish I had purchased more, but I’m glad I got what I did because it sold out so fast.  I’m really tempted to copy Sara’s version.  It’s such a gorgeous dress.
  7. Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Files – Another article of clothing that seems so daunting.  I’ve read through the sew along about five times already and plan to read through it many more times.  Nick bought me the “Sewing Your Own Jeans” e-Book and my parents got me a couple Jeans Kits from Indiesew for Christmas.  I’m doing everything I can to make sure this goes well!  Before I cut into the nice fabric from Indiesew, I bought some cheaper denim that I’m going to use for my first pair just in case things go awry.
  8. Fairfield Button-up by Thread Theory Designs – In addition to making myself a more handmade wardrobe, I want to do the same for Nick.  He is so supportive of my sewing, so the least I can do is make some things for him as well!  He basically lives in polos and button-up shirts.  I made him one using a different pattern a few months ago and it did not go well.  So, with a new, more professional pattern, I hope it will go much better the second time around.  The pattern uses flat felled seams, which I’m excited to learn and try.
  9. Lonetree Jacket by Allie Olson – I’ve purchased all the materials and I’m just waiting for them to arrive!  The first version I make will be a vest in a maroon twill from fabric.com.  My second version will, more likely than not, be the jacket version out of some Marc Jacobs twill I received for Christmas from Mood.

I’m so excited to try to make each of these items and hopefully more this year!  I’m confident that each of these patterns will teach me new techniques and help me to become a better sewist.

First up on my list is the Toaster Sweater 2 and Lonetree Jacket..basically just sewing through Indiesew’s Fall 2016 Collection.

What sewing goals have you set for 2017?




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