Christmas Pajamas | McCall’s M7518

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

So far, I have successfully finished 3 out of the 4 patterns that I talked about here. Plus, I was able to finish the items I had to sew for my Etsy shop before Christmas!  I’d say it has been a pretty successful month of sewing so far.

The first items I made were our Christmas pajamas.  I used McCall’s 7518 pattern primarily because they offered dog jackets.  We don’t normally dress up our dogs, but Nicholas and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.  And it didn’t disappoint.


As you can tell, the dogs were not thrilled.  At all.  But they just look so stinking adorable.


Ellie’s jacket was a bit too big, so if her hood was ever on it would cover her eyes and she’d start running into things, which was pretty hilarious because she’s uncoordinated to begin with.  And I completely disregarded the sizing and made Rosie a size large when I should have made her an XL, so I had to add some a couple panels so it would actually fit. That’s what I get for ignoring the sizing.  So Rosie’s turned out to be a more off the shoulder number.


Taking pictures of the dogs is no small feat, by the way.  Ellie, the small one, is incredibly ditzy and can not for the life of her stay sitting for more than 5 seconds.  Now that may be my fault, but it’s really hard to discipline a dog that cute.  I’m just glad we got a few super adorable pictures of the both of them facing the same direction.


I used a 1/4″ seam allowance for our pajamas because I didn’t want them to be as fitted as I think they’re intended to be.  I should have added a some length in the torso for Nick’s, though.  Also, there are hoods, but we forgot to take pictures with them up.

Nick also deserves a HUGE shout out for tracing and cutting out all the pattern pieces because I definitely would not have had these done on time if I didn’t have his help.

I love carrying on the tradition of Christmas pajamas, and love it even more now that they have the added specialness of being handmade.  Next year’s Christmas pajamas are already on my mind and I’m considering a more classic set, like the Carolyn pajamas.

Check back in a few days and I’ll be sharing a recap of the rest of my December makes!


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4 thoughts on “Christmas Pajamas | McCall’s M7518

  1. Aw they’re adorable! I’d love to read more of your blog,definitely followed,it’d mean so much if you could follow me back as I’m trying to reach 250 followers by New Years x

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  2. This is the best Christmas post I’ve seen, I had the hugest smile looking at your photos, your doggies are gorgeous, I struggle to get a photo of my doggie looking the right way let alone two!! I think the fact your all matching is awesome!!

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