December Sewing Plans

I tend to draw towards a particular color each year and this year has been various shades of red.  The past couple items I’ve made have been red and the items coming up are all going to be made out of a fabric in the red family (with the exception of one top).

Indiesew just had their Cyber Monday sale, so I took that as the perfect opportunity to pick up just a few of the patterns I need, which shows extreme self-control on my part because there are about 20 other patterns that I could have easily purchased from there!  It’ll happen, but I can only sew so fast.

I typically buy a pattern and then wait around a while until I find the perfect fabric for the job.  This is one of the few times that I actually bought the fabric with specific patterns in mind and fully intend on fulfilling those ideas.

So, without further delay, my December sewing plans:

Marianne Dress by Christine Haynes

I’ve thought this was a cute pattern, but for one reason or another I had been on the fence about buying it.  When I saw Sew Charleston’s winter white version, I was sold.  It’s so feminine and easily dressed up or down.  I love pieces like that.

I plan on using this red knit I picked up from Joann.  I’ve been really impressed with their selection of apparel fabric lately.  I went in to buy a couple zippers and a new seam gauge and came out with not only said supplies, but also six yards of fabric.  Oops.

Wrapped Cardigan by Seamly

When I saw this heathered fabric, I immediately decided it was meant to be a sweater.  It’s so soft and will look so great with jeans and boots (yes, I pretty much wear boots any chance I can when it starts to get even the slightest bit cooler here in Texas).  I always love a good cardigan because it’s always freezing in my office, so sweaters/cardigans will always have a place in my closet.

Gable Top by Jennifer Lauren Handmade

I love the striped sample, so I plan on using this knit fabric I got a while back from Raspberry Creek Fabrics on Etsy.  You can’t go wrong with a staple striped top.

and last, but not least…

Christmas pajamas!  Last year I made Christmas pajamas plus a lap blanket for eight (!) people.  They turned out pretty well, but it was also a bit stressful.

This year I’m only making pajamas for Nick, myself and I have zero shame to say that they will be onesies using this fleece fabric from Oh yeah, and the two dogs will be getting jackets as well.  Yes, the dogs.  That’s 90% of why I chose this particular pattern…because they had a dog version.  How could I pass that up?!


I also have several items I need to make for other people that have to be done before Christmas, so it’ll truly be amazing if I get all of this done in the month of December, but one can hope.

What do you have on your December sewing list?



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