Welcome to Lara Handmade!

Hi, everyone!
I’ve decided to embark on the adventures of blogging, primarily about my sewing projects. I’ve been sewing for almost two years now and have completely fallen in love with it.  From choosing a pattern to wearing the finished garment, sewing is one of the few things I can focus on for hours on end (thanks, ADD).

Instagram has served as a portfolio of sorts for my sewing, but there is usually SO much more that I want to say in the post about either the pattern, designer, or adjustments I’ve made to the garment, so that’s what brings me to this blog.  There are also so many inspiring people in the sewing community, and I’d love to be able to share my passion for sewing with others as well!

I’m currently sewing on a Brother CE1100 PRW, which up until recently I have really enjoyed.  It’s currently the bane of my existence when it comes to button holes, and I’m about 5 buttonholes away from throwing it out the window.  Other than that, it has been a good machine to learn on.

Here’s a picture of my sewing space from when we first moved into our house about a year ago.  It has already changed so much…we’ve added more pictures on the walls, added another machine (embroidery) and fabric bursting from every place possible!  I don’t think it has been this clean and organized since I took this picture, so at least I have proof that it once looked this nice.  The cute little dog to the left is Ellie.  She’s the best sewing buddy there is, and I might also be slightly obsessed with her so you’ll probable see her on here from time to time.


I also own an Etsy shop that sells some cute baby shower gifts such as hooded towels and diaper changing mats! There’s currently not a lot of inventory, but I do plan on adding more, and there is always the option for a custom creation!

Check out my favorite makes where I’ve posted a few of my favorite creations and have linked to the patterns!

Thanks for stopping by, and I can’t wait to share more of my sewing projects with you!



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